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Year Round Flagships

Moku Imperial IPA 8.1%

Pikake flowers contribute to the citrus, mango, grapefruit and floral notes of this Imperial IPA. The hops are balanced with a touch of malt in the body. Sit back on a beach and enjoy


Cheehoo IPA 5.9%

A crushable bitter IPA with hints of local Oahu citrus. Depending on the season, the citrus used may change based on what is producing best at that time. A true glimpse of the islands.


Pillbox Porter 6.5%

Made from the two rarest vanillas in the world, Hawaiian and Tahitian, this porter is balanced by notes of chocolate, caramel and roasted barley with just a touch of hops to balance the decadent vanillas. 


Party Wave Pilsner 5.2%

A German pilsner style with very slight sweet toasted biscuit and bread aromas matched with a slight earthiness from the local grown Mamaki. This clear vibrant yellow brew with balanced noble hop presence using hallertau is designed for brewers and industry people. A true crowd pleaser.

A slow pour drives aroma by carrying hop oils to the head, but also allows the mild delicate malt flavors to shine. The end result is a beautiful pillowy head and a crystal clear beer.

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