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How to properly log your devices out of iCloud

There are many situations where you need to sign out of iCloud on your device. For example to download pdf file scanner. You can return it to your employer, send it to Apple or another company for trade credit, give it to a family member, sell it, or recycle your damaged device.

If you used iCloud on this device, Apple tied most of your identity to the device, including data sync and hardware services. iPhone, iPad, Mac, and watches with Secure Lock can also turn on Activation Lock when you turn on Find Me. (Apple builds Secure Enclave into a wide range of its hardware. This includes all iPhones since the iPhone 5s, all Intel Macs with T1 or T2 security chips, and all Apple M1 silicon Macs.

You can easily sign out from any device, but consider the following step:

On iOS and iPadOS, go to Settings > Account Name and click Sign Out. It will also disable any watches connected to your iPhone.

Mojave and earlier: Open the iCloud preferences panel and click Sign Out.

MacOS 10.15 Big Sur and later: Go to Apple ID Settings, click Summary, then click Sign Out.

On Apple TV, go to Settings > Accounts > iCloud and select Sign Out.

After selecting Sign Out, you will be asked if you want to keep local copies of synced data on all devices except Apple TV. Apple provides a complete list of data types that can be downloaded, such as B. Photos and Notes. You can keep them or delete them.

If you choose not to save data on your device, your data remains on and on other Apple devices you own as long as you're signed in to an iCloud account, although each device can set this up, which is synchronized to another iCloud package. services

There is an exception to this rule. iCloud Keychain uses device encryption on every iPhone, iPad, or Mac where you've turned on iCloud Keychain. When you sign out of iCloud on a device, a local copy of the last synced version may be saved. However, if you sign out of all or all but one device, backups won't be saved: If iCloud keys aren't used on two or more devices, iCloud won't sync the saved data.

Apple has bundled many services you can trust into iCloud. Therefore, after logging out, you should review the list of things that cannot be used on your phone, tablet, or computer. These include Apple Pay, Continuity, and Voice Memos.

If you later sign in to iCloud on the same device, your operating system will ask you to merge or replace the data. Again, choose wisely: iCloud stores data accurately, so you should have the latest versions of all your contacts, calendar entries, photos, and other data you've added. However, if you have made extensive changes to the sync parts of the removed device, it is possible that some of them will be replaced.

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