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What exactly is

Alxoy is a website that sells and delivers women's clothing to customers' homes at reasonable prices. This website has a large selection of adorable clothes suitable for a variety of occasions. It is a company based in the United States that previously claimed to be a manufacturer and supplier until 2015, but has since emerged as a retailer in the market.

However, the website sells a variety of items for women, including sweaters, cardigans, tops, and other party and casual wear. Despite the fact that this information is available on the website, people are still curious about "Is Alxoy Legit?" So, let us consider this question.


E-commerce website is the type of website.

Women Wear Domain is a product type. It is not more than two months old.

Not Available Address

No contact information is available.

Shipping Policy: Shipping is free up to $79.

Return Policy: Returns are accepted within 30 days of delivery.

Refund Policy: Refunds will be issued within seven days of the item being returned.

It has a social media presence on Instagram and Facebook.

HTTPS certification is available.

Payment method: There is no payment method description.

The advantages of Alxoy

According to Alxoy Reviews, there are some positive aspects of the website that we should be aware of.

The website offers a diverse selection of women's clothing for a variety of occasions.

It is HTTPS certified and has an SSL certificate, which can protect your security and allow you to share information on the website.

To contact the company directly, there is a social media presence on the website.

Alxoy's disadvantages

There are no user reviews of the website available.

There is no information available about the website's owner. Except for the email address, no other contact information is available.

Is Alxoy a genuine company?

Domain Age: The domain was created on November 29th, 2021, so it is less than two months old. As a result, this website does not meet the credibility criteria.

Social media presence: There is a social media presence, but it is inactive because the website is new. As a result, we cannot rely on this factor as well.

Trust Score: According to Alxoy Reviews, the website has a very low trust score. It appears to have a 0.7% trust score, which is very low when compared to other websites.

Alexa Rank: There is no Alexa Rank information available for this website.

Policy information: There is clear information about the shipping, return, and refund policies, but there is no compelling reason to rely on it.

Contact information: There are no clear contact details on the website. Simply providing an email address is insufficient, and there must be some information about this website that is missing.

It has HTTPS security to protect your personal information.

What exactly are Alxoy Reviews?

Unfortunately, despite our extensive research on, we were unable to locate any reviews on any platform. There is no mention of consumer reviews on its official website, which is not a good sign for customers. Before investing in this website, we need to gather more information.

Final Decision

Is Alxoy a genuine company? Well, it's a new site with a limited number of sections. The trust score is low; the address is incorrect; the contact number is missing; the feedback is unverified; and social profiles are not popular.

So, while giving this shop time, you should consider other options so that it can build a trust score in the market. Also, read about how to get refunds on credit card scams. Do you have any questions? Please provide details below.

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