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Extreme Assessment Outlining Steps - 2022

An essay is typically a short piece of formal writing that is centered around a specific topic. It is one of the important types of academic writing. During your high school or college coursework, you will almost certainly be required to write an essay. The length of an essay might be as short as five hundred words or it can be extensive of about five thousand words or even more. Most of the time the word range is 1500-3000 words that are sufficient to express the author's ideas and to persuade the reader regarding the author's perspective about the particular topic.

The foremost important thing before writing any type of essay is to develop a comprehensive outline for the essay. An essay writer would suggest that an essay outline is an essential preliminary tool that helps you to organize the main ideas into fragments. It is a planning method, a framework, or a structure of the essay that will help you to proceed with the essay systematically. Once you are done with the outline, it will be easy for you to develop a clear concept of the main ideas that you want to incorporate in your essay. There are several formats to develop an outline for the essay; however, regardless of the formats, the planning method remains the same for any type of academic essay.

There are different types of writing an academic essay. In high school and colleges, common types of essays that are required during the coursework are argumentative essays, descriptive essays, informative essays, narrative essays, and persuasive essays. Despite the difference in the styles of essay descriptions, they share a common format. For example, every essay has three main parts; starting with an introduction tracked by the body paragraphs, and ending with the conclusion. Moreover, every essay has a thesis statement and the whole essay is centered around that. Other than that an essay commonly requires prior research work on the topic, clear and concise topic sentences, and good vocabulary that is easy to understand.

To develop a comprehensive essay, first of all, you need to choose a topic and state your purpose. Most of the time the author struggles with defining the main focus of their essay. It is very important to understand the purpose of your essay. If you have an aim and the objectives of your essay in mind, it will help you to set a guideline for your essay that will guide you throughout your essay writing. Moreover, it will help you to set limitations for what you should add or what is appropriate content regarding your essay. To develop such an objective ask yourself some questions like what will your readers learn from reading your paper, what do you hope they will understand about your topic. These queries will help you remain focused on the topic.

The second step is to develop a strong thesis statement. A thesis statement is the most important part of your essay. All the ideas and concepts described in your essay will be centered around the thesis statement. It will provide you with the guiding principles of your essay. Students sometimes find it difficult to formulate a strong thesis statement as it is the most technical part of your essay; however, you can consult professional essay writer to provide you with the details of how to write a strong thesis statement.

Third step is to develop a list containing the main ideas. This is the main part of developing an outline and it involves some brainstorming. The purpose of this step is to enlist the vital ideas that you want to describe in your essay. Regardless of the topic, this part will help you to think about all the ideas that you want to cover in your essay.

Once you are done with enlisting all main ideas you need to organize them accordingly. It will help in organizing them in a way that makes sense to you and your audience. This will help you to give your essay a comprehensive structure. There are various strategies according to which you can organize your main ideas. These strategies vary according to the type of essay you are writing. For example, some of the most common structures are chronological orders, classification, and cause and effect.

After organizing your main points, you need to add few relevant information supporting each of the main ideas. Am expert essay writer need to add relevant details under each main idea. The purpose of this step is to elaborate on the main ideas so that your audience can have a better understanding of each idea. You can add any example, any related facts, evidence, or quotes to add detail to your concepts. This step may seem tiresome, however, it will help you to further draft your essay easily. You will be saving time in the long run because you have already developed an outline containing rational and focused ideas with clear and concise details that you need to add to your essay.

The Final and important part while developing an outline is to review and make further adjustments if required. Writing is considered a repetitive process. It is imperative to re-read your essay and make necessary adjustments to it. All good writers practice this step. Likewise, an outline also requires review and revisions. This will help you to ensure that all main ideas are incorporated and there is a well-developed connection between each of the main ideas. In the beginning, I was unable to write my essay proficiently; however, developing an outline before writing an essay helped me improve my academic writing skill.

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