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Lanikai Brewing Company is an authentic Hawaiian craft beer and spirits company making 100% of our beverages here in Hawaii. We take our cues from premium, local, rare, and exotic ingredients grown by local farmers or foraged across the Pacific to bring you innovative, bold and flavorful beers and spirits that you will find nowhere else. We often lean on Hawaiian terroir utilizing local native yeast and bacteria. Enjoy a beer or cocktail made with the flowers and fruits of the islands. 

Island Inspired® is our philosophy. We create beverages that highlight the beautiful tropical ingredients found in Hawaii. Nothing is off limits. We capture wild yeast and bacteria to ferment with, we forage and pick on our own ingredients and we work heavily with local farmers to bring the best ingredients Hawaii has to offer. Our products are authentic, not only as they are made 100% in Hawaii, but each one is brewed with a taste of Hawaii. We have created with yuzu, pikake, hibiscus, local honey, macadamia nuts, papaya, pineapple, ti root, ulu, taro, tumeric, sugar cane, passion fruit, orange, guava, mandarins, jabong, mango, lychee, vanilla, coconut, cacao, limes, sea salt, strawberry, acai, coffee, suriname cherry, ginger, dragonfruit, jabuticaba, poha, mamaki, pandan, gourka, sage, tangor, longan, milo, lemons, mushrooms, white tea, and native yeasts and bacteria to name a few. 


In addition to our taproom in beautiful Kailua, Hawaii, Lanikai Brewing products can be found throughout the Hawaiian Islands including Kauai, Oahu, Maui and Big Island and are coming soon to the Pacific Northwest, Australia and Japan. 

Our North Shore of Oahu location is coming soon. Keep an eye out for more taproom locations coming to other neighbor islands in the near future!

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