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(UFO) Unidentified Fermenting Objects
a project with NASA

Photo Credit @extremeross 

Founder and Brewmaster Steve Haumschild was always fascinated with space as a boy and always admired NASA, the independent government organization responsible for space exploration and the 1969 Moon landing. Forever an explorer and professionally educated scientist, he chased other passions eventually leading him to becoming an entrepreneur and eventually starting Lanikai Brewing Company. Steve has a passion for Wild Ales and decided to give a try for bio-prospecting native Hawaiian yeast all over the state of Hawaii from the Volcanoes, the beaches, the farms and even the sea. After almost 3 years of work, LBC finally cracked the code on mobile koelshipping and started to share native Hawaiian beers. Around this time, Steve met a former NASA ER-2 pilot while on a 205 mile Ragnar run and immediately became friends. Years later, other ER-2 pilots worked with Lanikai brewing to collect yeast from outside the earths atmosphere flying through microcosmos above Hawaii. The capture worked and later LBC went on to produce its first UFO IPA (Unidentified Fermenting Object, Interplanetary Pale Ale) for the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. The beer sold out in days. More from Forbes Magazine here

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Mission to Mars

Collaboration with Brother Cascadia Brewing Vancouver WA, more HERE

                        Coming soon to Washington and Hawaii

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BCB and LBC were introduced a few yeas ago as they share similar brewing philosophies. Both crews love to brew and experiment with building off each others experience. Mission to Mars is a result of this collaboration. This will be the first collaboration of the UFO yeast as well as some experimental hop products and futueristic compostable packaging made from organic byproducts from food manufacturing. Events coming to Seattle to Vancouver and Hawaii August 2021

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